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Your Product on a Disc
Radio Gate has received requests from large corporations like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson for CBTs and multimedia presentations on CD and DVD. Our CD media is robust, with beautiful full-color uncompressed graphics, video, and sound for a high quality, high-impact presentation, whatever the subject matter and target audience may be. The strict file size constraints of the Internet are no longer an issue when it comes to CD authoring, and we're sure our disc media will demonstrate the quality you expect from a professional multimedia company.

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Build It...
The heart of Radio Gate lies in its multimedia and web development. Multimedia simply means multiple forms of media, brought together for a specific goal. We incorporate various audiovisual elements to create an interactive online or CD/DVD-based presentation that sells your product or service. Whether you need a computer based training program or one of any number of multimedia possibilities, including interactive entertainment and games, Radio Gate will provide you with a product backed by solid programming and artistic design. Our web and interactive CD interfaces are well-designed, user-friendly, and never cookie cutter, ensuring that your look and feel is completely unique. Radio Gate also offers professional audio where appropriate, with gripping sound effects, sophisticated voice-overs, and original music. You can count on Radio Gate to fulfill your multimedia needs!

DVD Services
Contact Radio Gate and we'll convert your corporate training videos, seminars, advertisements, and video records from bulky Beta and VHS tapes to portable, high-quality DVDs, with custom titles and animated menus. We can also generate menu systems for DVD releases of theatrical productions and independent films.

CD and DVD Duplication services are also available. Whether we create the product or you send the product to us, we'll get it on a master disc and have as many copies as you need, available whenever you need them.

Would you like to know more about our CD and DVD services? Contact us with your questions.






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Even though it looks more and more like the future home of multimedia is the Internet, there is still a need for CDs and DVDs, which are two of the largest forms of storage media.
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