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How Radio Gate Got Its Name
Prior to getting involved in the multimedia and Internet industry, Radio Gate started its business serving local radio stations by determining signal strength over large geographic regions. Radio Gate continues to offer radio signal surveying to the management of any radio station wishing to know how far their signal carries.

Radio signal measurement services are essential to broadcasters who want to know the true quality of radio signals throughout their desired markets. Broadcasters can identify "holes" in coverage areas, possibly caused by improper antenna orientation. They can also evaluate comparative coverage of other broadcasters in the area, compare the advantages and disadvantages of different transmitter sites, and verify the real performance of power increases, directional antennas, and other facility changes. For your radio broadcasting company, Radio Gate provides detailed radio signal measurements and characteristics over geography in brilliantly colored contour plots. You can examine signal statistics over a specified region, or observe bar graphs detailing the signal strength from multiple radio transmitters in the area. Most of all, each service package includes detailed results in a comprehensive survey report written by our certified professional broadcast engineer.

If you would like more information on our radio signal surveying service, don't hesitate to call us at 610.358.6065, or write to us anytime at info@radiogate.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Radio Gate team works with the highest quality equipment in the industry to help broadcasters serve their customers with true signal quality in any desired market.

Our radio signal survey services have set the industry standard in quality. We provide broadcasters with high-quality tools which allow them to see true radio signal characteristics over geography in brilliantly colored contour plots. Our RS3 measuring system is very precise, showing attenuation caused by trees and buildings, and actual ground-level coverage acquired through polarized whip antennas similar to those found on most cars.

Two surveys from 2002 are available for purchase online. You can view our order form at the following links:

Allentown Metro Market
Buffalo Metro Market
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